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Saariselka Taxi Services

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Saariselkä Taxi

Saariselka's Taxi Service offers flexible and high-quality taxi and charter transport in Saariselkä, Lapland. Ask us for airport transfers to Ivalo, Northern Lights tours, or transfers to other regions in Lapland,  We also handle company, agency and small group transports. Friendliness, high customer service and professionalism are our top priorities. These, along with high-quality transportation equipment, will provide you a first-class travel experience.

Saariselkä Taxi

Taxi Transfers

  • Airport transfers to/from Ivalo airport

  • Transfers in Saariselkä

  • Hiking & Skiing drop off and pick up service

  • Transfers to other destinations in Lapland

  • Transfers to Kirkenes airport and Norway

Northern Lights tour in Saariselkä

Northern Lights Tours

We organize Northern Lights and photography tours in Saariselkä-Inari area in Lapland. The tours only happen if there is a good chance to see the auroras!​ This means that the weather forecast is clear and good aurora activity is expected. The aurora tours are private, and a hot drink and small snack are included!

Saariselkä Taxi

Guiding services with transportation

  • Guiding & hosting services with transportation

  • Agency and small group transfers

Fixed taxi rates

Fixed Rates

Book a taxi for transfers or guided tour for Northern Lights searching
Join us for a Northern Lights tour in Lapland

Transfers between Ivalo airport and Saariselka

Prices 1-3 persons/4-8 persons

Saariselkä center 70€/85€

Star Arctic Hotel 70€/85€

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort 95€/110€

Aurora Queen Resort 85€/90€

Wilderness Hotel Muotka 90€/95€

Kiilopää Fell Center 90€/95€

Tankavaara 130€/145€

Transfers to/from Saariselkä

Prices 1-3 persons / 4-8 persons

Kaunispää 20€/20€

Kiilopää 45€/50€

Aurora Queen/Muotka 45€/50€

Kakslauttanen West 50€/55€

Northern Lights Village 20€/20€

Ski Saariselkä 20€/20€

Tankavaara 90€/100€

Ivalo center 75€/90€

Inari 135€/145€

Rovaniemi 490€/550€

Levi 480€/550€

Kirkenes 550€/650€

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